Frequently Asked Questions Regarding SQL Licensing

Do I need to worry about this SQL thing?

Only if you are using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or SOLIDWORKS Manage and; 

1) you utilize cloud based hosting or 3rd party network to host your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault, and/or SOLIDWORKS Manage

2) you plan to upgrade to or install the 2022 version of either product when that version is released in 2022

How do I know if my SOLIDWORKS PDM installation is PDM Professional?
There are several different ways to find out:
  • log in to the PDM Administration Tool and Navigate to the About section 
  • on a user’s computer navigate to the Installation Manager
  • login to MYSOLIDWORKS
  • contact your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller

Where do I buy a Microsoft SQL Server License?

You have several options depending on your situation:

  • if you are a hosted customer with EpiGrid you can include a monthly license fee on your recurring invoices
  • you can contact a Microsoft Reseller and purchase your own license
  • if you are part of a large organization check with your IT Departments, they might already have a license that is applicable
I’m still using a version of SOLIDWORKS PDM or SOLIDWORKS Manage prior to 2020, do I need to do anything?
If its PDM Professional or Manage and its cloud hosted or installed on a 3rd party network, yes.
Is the Subscription Renewal affected by this change?
No. Subscription for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or SOLIDWORKS Manage remain unchanged. Even though customers may have active subscription at the time of upgrading to the 2022 release, they are not entitled to an upgrade of SQL Server. 
Is SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard affected by this change?
No, this change only affects SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard runs with Microsoft SQL Server Express that is a free product and can be upgraded at any time. 
Can a customer purchase Microsoft Software Assurance for the SQL Server licenses previously supplied by Dassault Systèmes Solidworks?

No, the licenses previously supplied by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks cannot be covered by Software Assurance. 

Can a customer use a combination of SQL licenses purchases through Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS and licenses they purchase from a Microsoft retailer?

Customers can purchase new Microsoft SQL server CAL licenses from a Microsoft Reseller and use those to access a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or Manage server together with SQL Server licenses purchased with Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. However, since Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Server + CAL licenses provided by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks are runtime restricted, they cannot be used to access other SQL servers/instances.

Are existing customers who received their SQL licenses with their SOLIDWORKS PDM/Manage licenses allowed to upgrade to a newer supported version of SQL Server?

Yes. As long as the customer has sourced new Microsoft SQL Server licenses, they will be able to upgrade their current MS SQL Server 2014.

How many Microsoft SQL Server Core-Based licenses should be purchased to run SOLIDWORKS PDM/Manage?

A minimum of 4 cores (2x2) is required to run Microsoft SQL Server. However, the number of core licenses to purchase depends on the Microsoft SQL Server machine. Please download the licensing guide available at to understand the various options (virtual, physical…) and understand the number of licenses to purchase. 

Can the Microsoft SQL Server license supplied with SOLIDWORKS PDM/Manage be used to run other non-SOLIDWORKS applications?

Microsoft SQL Server Core-based licenses are NOT runtime restricted which means these licenses could be used to run other applications. However, this is not recommended, as it would negatively affect performance. In comparison, the Server+CALs licenses supplied are runtime restricted and cannot be used with any other application. 

Does the change have any effect on the SNL installation?

No, the change only affects Microsoft SQL Server Licenses that are managed outside of the SOLIDWORKS Network License Manager. 

Will customers be able to install SOLIDWORKS PDM/Manage 2022 on a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 instance?

No, SOLIDWORKS PDM/Manage 2021 SP5 will be the latest version that will run under Microsoft SQL Server 2014. Subsequent product versions will be blocked from running on older SQL Server version that are no longer supported. 

Where can I find details about SOLIDWORKS Hardware and Software requirements?

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