CAD in the Cloud is Here

Pop quiz! CAD in the Cloud is:

A. Coming

B. A pipe dream

C. Here today

If you answered C. Here today, then you are correct. We hear a lot about how a truly Cloud-based CAD platform is a few years from being 100% ready for prime-time when it comes to the demands of 3D design software.

We here at EpiGrid obviously disagree, and have been providing Cloud-based solutions for your existing SOLIDWORKS tools since 2011.

SOLIDWORKS obviously sees it our way. As evidence, way back in 2016 EpiGrid became a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner as the only approved Cloud-hosting provider for SOLIDWORKS products. Since being granted this designation, there have been approximately 0.0 other certified Cloud-hosting providers for SOLIDWORKS PDM or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) workstations added to the list. This leaves EpiGrid in singular territory when it comes to CAD in the Cloud for SOLIDWORKS.

CAD in the Cloud is available to you and your organization today, whether that's reducing your server IT burden with EpiGrid's Cloud-hosted SOLIDWORKS PDM, or increasing the flexibility of your workforce with GPU-enabled VDI workstations. Contact us today to learn more about how EpiGrid is not only your best option, but still your only option for fully managed Cloud-hosted CAD products and services.