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Eventually, this global crisis will evolve and dissipate, but why not develop an infrastructure for your CAD team that not only reduces the overall IT burden placed upon your organization when things are normal, but also allows your team to continue working uninterrupted when the next crisis hits? 

We've seen many organizations turn to the VPN as their only hope to remain connected to the office. But it's difficult to anticipate just how much time and effort will be required to deploy a secure and reliable VPN based on a number of different IT-related variables. Even companies with a robust and competent IT staff struggle with connecting their remote SOLIDWORKS users so that PDM Performance isn't effected. The EpiGrid solution relies on VPN server/client connection for our Cloud-hosted solutions, but we remove the components with the most variables - your on-premise server, firewall, and network, and we provide a fully managed software hosting as a service (SHaaS) model that ensures your team always has the best performance and a persistent connection.

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