Virtual Desktop Instance (VDI) Provides a Quick, Scalable Solution for Product Launch

Nexmatix is a pneumatic valve company with an innovative new technology that helps reduce energy costs in the highly competitive automotive, food processing, semiconductor, and chemical industries.

"EpiGrid allowed our engineer to perform high speed renderings without extra computer resources. Not only was it a great instant way to ramp up and get ready for our launch, but it also enabled our design team with the freedom to work from anywhere on any device, including our Macs."

-Lowell Jones, Nexmatix VP of Engineering

ENHANCED COLLABORATION ON PREFERRED DEVICE—Allowed remote design teams to participate in a single design environment on any device.

EpiGrid enhanced collaboration for Nexmatix's design team based in multiple cities. Peferring to work on Macs, Nexmatix's engineers could do 99% of what they needed to with SOLIDWORKS in Bootcamp on Macs, but needed a solution to be able to render a large number of files very quickly to launch their product catalog on their website.

QUICK AND EASY IMPLEMENTATION—Rapid deployment to meet project deadlines.

EpiGrid's Cloud-based workspace solution allowed Nexmatix to operate without hassles, worry, and expense by configuring computing resources to match the needs of their business in a matter of hours.

SCALABLE FOR PEAK DEMAND—No longer limited by current hardware environment.

Using EpiGrid's VDI, Nexmatix can now scale accordingly for future engineering applications and staffing requirements without waiting on additional infrastructure and hardware installation.

LOWER COSTS—EpiGrid's VDI solution created a virtual PC workstation saving time and money.

Seamlessly integrating EpiGrid's powerful VDI Cloud-based solution into Nexmatix's existing on-site environment allowed their engineers to operate and utilize the same SOLIDWORKS products they know and love on their Macs, saving more than $6,000 by not having to invest in a standalone PC workstation and extensive infrastructure just for rendering files.

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