ICON Build Testimonial

      Company Website: www.iconbuild.com   

      Located in:  AustinTexas

      Customer since: January 2019

      Solutions Implemented: Managed virtual private cloud, Axis PDM Vault Implementation and data migration

      Applications: Solidworks, PDM

      In 2018, ICON was the first company in America to secure a building permit for and build a 3D printed home. The house in Austin, TX was a proof of concept that brought their team, investors, and customers together to drive towards the future. They’ve used that support to further develop robotics, software, and advanced materials to create dignified, affordable housing around the world. Through the technology stack and the determination of the team Icon is shifting the paradigm of home-building.

      EpiGrid asked Nathan Wang, Head of Hardware Engineering, at ICON Build about his experience with the EpiGrid solution. Here's what he had to say:

       What problem needed to be solved that led you to EpiGrid originally? "I needed the best solution to keep the team of engineers collaboratively designing our next generation of robots. I also needed a service that could be seamlessly implemented. Previously, we used a locally hosted PDM. As soon as we increased our team size, I knew we would need training on how to use PDM as well as technical support to make sure it was up and running at all times.

      Why did you select EpiGrid for your hosting solution?         

       "We needed this growth to be accommodated immediately. We were looking at hiring someone part-time to manage the vault, or having me manage it myself, but we've been able to take way more advantage of more advanced features in the PDM Standard package. The fact that our PDM server is always up, always  EpiGrid's Cloud-hosting was the perfect solution. The fact that the implementation was done in less than a week was icing on the cake."

      Did the EpiGrid solution address your critical needs?          

      "Yes, once the decision was made, we migrated to the EpiGrid system immediately and the team at Converge trained my engineers to use it in an afternoon. I didn't have to sweat any of the details. If I ever am part of an early stage startup again, I'll save the costs of buying a server and call EpiG (Converge). It is one of the most valuable services we have. I'd put it on the same level as Jira and Slack."

      How did the solution change or improve your work process?

       "Although we had been using PDM locally for a while, we found that we weren't using the tool as effectively as we could be. By centralizing to the EpiGrid Cloud, we've been able to take way more advantage of more advanced features in the PDM Standard package. The fact that our PDM server is always up, always accessible, and never a hassle is what makes my job as Engineering Manager much easier."

      Most recently how have you benefited from the solution during the COVID-19 crisis?


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