Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run SOLIDWORKS in a web browser using EpiGrid services?

Yes, Using an EpiGrid Gridstation VDI, SOLIDWORKS can be used in a web browser. We build your Virtual Workstations in your company cloud environment. Employees can access their workstations from any computer, securely, anytime. All company data stays on the virtual workstation and never leaves your domain. This helps add a level of security when hiring contractors or working remotely.

Why should I consider Cloud hosting for PDM?

Off-site data storage reduces IT costs, streamlines processes, and saves money. While many engineering departments first thought cloud-access would be too slow or not secure enough to transport large files of proprietary information, EpiGrid's advances have actually made access quicker than local in some cases and much more secure. Redundant backups mean you're never without access to your data.

Does EpiGrid sell SOLIDWORKS licenses?

EpiGrid does not sell SOLIDWORKS licenses. However, we work with SOLIDWORKS VARs closely to setup the necessary configurations and licensing.

Is EpiGrid a private or public Cloud hosting service?

EpiGrid is a private cloud hosting service provider specializing in high-end virtual workstations and server application configurations.

What is a VDI?

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Interface or Infrastructure. This platform allows companies to host several users on a single virtual server.

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