EpiGrid Cloud Solutions

Implementing and maintaining enterprise applications can be challenging, costly, and time consuming. IT departments already have enough processes and infrastructure to manage. When it comes to engineering, workstations and networking can become even more of a problem costing time and money. With EpiGrid, any size business is guaranteed quick, reliable deployment, secure cloud hosting, application management, yearly maintenance, and server updates by experienced application specialists.

The Benefits of EpiGrid Cloud Solutions

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Secure Hosting
  • Specialist's IT Administration
  • Expert Engineering Application Management
  • 99.8% Uptime

Is EpiGrid Right for My Company?

For years, engineering has been bound by the parameters of the local environment. We have removed those barriers to allow you to broaden your base with the first cloud-hosted PDM solution. The optimized environment of our quick start implementation and vault enables global access to data at any time and from anywhere—even through a 4G hotspot!

What would you do with truly flexible collaboration? Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company.