EpiGrid and Valley CAD Announce Technology Partnership to Enable CAD in the Cloud

Posted by Chad Garrish On Jul 17, 2019

EpiGrid is pleased to announce our most recent strategic partnership to provide CAD and PDM in the Cloud - Welcome aboard Valley CAD. Valley CAD joins the ranks of other SOLIDWORKS VARs, like Converge and DesignPoint, offering Cloud and hosting solutions to their SOLIDWORKS users. This partnership will enable Valley CAD to deliver scalable […]

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DesignPoint Hosts Webinar on CAD in the Cloud

Posted by Phillip Lewis On May 16, 2019

A couple of weeks ago we joined one of our partners, DesignPoint, for an informative webinar regarding CAD in the Cloud! Our very own Elite AE, Phillip Lewis, talked about who EpiGrid is and the value of the Cloud. He explained how EpiGrid delivers Cloud services and even demonstrated some real life and real time examples. To view the webinar, […]

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VDI Demo

Posted by Benjamin Weir On Feb 12, 2019

Along with being the first to put SOLIDWORKS PDM in the Cloud, EpiGrid was the first to provide a true SOLIDWORKS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Follow along with Application Expert Ben Weir as he shows the two ways to connect to the VDI and discusses the pros and cons of each method.

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Hosted PDM Demo

Posted by Benjamin Weir On Feb 07, 2019

Have you ever wondered what the process of connecting to one of our Cloud hosted PDM vaults looks like? Our applications expert Ben Weir made a great video showing just how easy the process is. In just a few short minutes, Ben is able to give a brief introduction, do an internet speed test, connect to his vault, check out an assembly, make some […]

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What is EpiGrid?

Posted by Chad Garrish On Jan 10, 2019

Epigrid is a fully managed enterprise Cloud solution created for engineers by engineers. Learn more in the video below and stay tuned for future videos in which we will answer the why, how, and who questions. EpiGrid works with SOLIDWORKS resellers around the country to enable their clients to adopt CAD in the Cloud.

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EpiGrid Presents at SLUGME

Posted by Tanner Knight On Dec 06, 2018

Each year, SOLIDWORKS User Groups from around the country band together to create an event so large, that it requires its own acronym. In November, EpiGrid was able to participate in the SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever, AKA SLUGME. We were incredibly proud to see Phillip Lewis and Benjamin Weir of Converge, a SOLIDWORKS reseller, […]

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EpiGrid and DesignPoint Announce Exclusive Technology Partnership to Enable CAD in the Cloud

Posted by Chad Garrish On Nov 20, 2018

Today EpiGrid and DesignPoint announced a strategic exclusive partnership to provide CAD and PDM in the Cloud. DesignPoint is the first reseller of EpiGrid Cloud-hosted services with exclusivity in their SOLIDWORKS® territory. Despite EpiGrid’s national footprint, this partnership allows DesignPoint to be the exclusive provider of EpiGrid […]

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