Fossil Watches Case Study

To be an internationally recognized brand in the extremely competitive and ever-evolving Consumer Products market, companies rely on cutting edge technology and solutions to get their products to market quickly and efficiently. Commonly, these business are working in geographically distributed teams and using multiple contract manufactures that are often half a world away. Fossil is just one company that was looking for a way to overcome these challenges. Learn how they have with the help of EpiGrid's Cloud hosted solutions.

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Rocket Mavericks Case Study

It takes just one conversation with Thomas Atchison to be infected with his passion for space.  Thomas is the founder of Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the notion that space should be accessible to all humans, not just the government and commercial aerospace companies.  Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation (Mavericks) was created with the idea to combine the resources of academia, amateur rocket enthusiasts and professionals from the aerospace industry to bring space exploration to the masses….

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Oiles Bearings & DriveWorks Case Study

EpiGrid hosts and supports Oiles America Corporation’s entire engineering IT compute environment in the cloud, which includes DriveWorks, CAD, and PDM.

The Oiles environment includes multiple servers within a private network and users access the cloud-based servers using VPN connections. It was created using multiple servers arranged in a hosted private domain where individual servers were allocated to perform certain tasks.

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EndoChoice Case Study

To be successful in today’s extremely competitive medical device industry, companies rely on breakthrough innovation. At the same time, they need to shorten product life-cycles. Many medical device manufacturing companies are looking for creative ways to enable the very best product development environments.

One of these leading edge medical device companies is EndoChoice. Based near Atlanta, Georgia, EndoChoice manufactures groundbreaking technologies including endoscopic imaging systems and other devices that treat a wide range of gastrointestinal conditions, including colon cancer.

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Quality Plus Manufacturing Case Study

QPM is a trusted source for design, engineering, and manufacturing in the farming industry. They were experiencing CAD and IT inefficiencies which were costing them precious time and money. Enter EpiGrid. EpiGrid’s cloud-based solutions and virtual desktop instances (VDI) alleviated the pain.

“The EpiGrid team is made up of engineers who really understood our critical business and technical needs and spoke our language. They were very responsive and supportive and now everyone on my team is much happier. Ultimately, the EpiGrid solution has allowed my team to do what they do best.”

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Nexmatix Case Study

Nexmatix is a pneumatic valve company with an innovative new technology that helps reduce energy costs in the highly competitive automotive, food processing, semiconductors and chemical industries marketplaces.

EpiGrid enhanced collaboration for Nexmatix’s design team based in multiple cities. Preferring to work on Macs, Nexmatix’s engineers could do 99 percent of what they needed to with SOLIDWORKS in bootcamp on Macs, but needed a solution to be able to render a large number of files.

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